The Story

La Uva: A Story of the American Dream is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of three Latino winemakers in California's Napa Valley. From their humble beginnings as immigrant laborers working the grape harvests in California to their now formidable positions as award-winning winemakers and wine consultants these people are evidence that the American Dream is alive and well. Rolando Herrera, the Ceja Family and Bulmaro Montes represent the true spirit of the American Dream: dream big, work hard, never give up.


This story is also about the love of wine and how it's brought to life by caring and determined hands from vineyards in the beautiful and picturesque Napa Valley. From tending vines to harvesting to crushing to blending to bottling the wine itself, you will see the fruits of their labor and how dreams are made reality. In short, if you love wine, you will also want to see this film.

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Meet Our Filmmakers

Carlo Nunez - Executive Producer

Carlos began his American dream as a one-man video producer over 10 years ago in the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Today with hundreds of videos produced for companies like Cease The Grease, Clinicas Mi Doctor, CVS Pharmacy, Dallas Water Utilities, NYLO Hotels, Pinnacle Technical Resources, and the Woodrow Wilson Institute, Carlos has grown his company into a team oriented production house.


“When I met the winemakers four years ago, I fell in love with their stories because they were very much like my story. Because they were inspirational and great examples of what America has to offer when you want to work for your dreams.”


Adam Flaa - Director

Adam began filmmaking in the independent film world and transferred that experience into advertising and commercial production for national brands like American Airlines, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


“I want to tell the story of La Uva as a reminder that the American Dream is still out there - and it is alive and well.”

A Very Special Thank You

We would like to thank everyone helping us bring these amazing stories to life. From our sponsors and fans who continue to donate their time, resources and encouragement, we truly are grateful.


Southwest Airlines – “We admire and support hardworking people who want to achieve the American Dream.”


Latino Leaders Magazine – “Our passion is to promote and publish stories of Latino success in this great country of America.”


Target Productions – “We are passionate about bringing these stories to life, as they are very much like our own stories.”

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